New Year 10-Week Workout Plan


icon1Start the New Year with Fitness and Strength

Follow this 10-week bG Cardio Plan and we guarantee you that by the end, Fitness will truly become part of your life!

icon2What’s so special about this workout?

– It is Effective. You can burn up to 700 cals in an hour.

– It works every single muscle group in your body.

 – And here’s the most important one – it is FUN! No matter how strong of a resolution you have, if you are not having fun, you won’t be able to stick with that workout.

Calendar-IconHow to go about it

Pick your pace. Workout twice, thrice or four times (go you!) a week for results that stay with you.

It takes 3 times to get used to this workout. Have patience and exhale!

Ready to Get STRONG & FIT?






What our members say

 Meghan B
Meghan B

I am hooked. Seriously one of the best workouts ever; the hour flies by and I'm a sweaty mess within the first five minutes. The instructors are incredible; they truly pump up the room. I'd recommend this class to anyone, whether or not you have any dancing experience. Trust me, it's the most fun you'll ever have working out.

 Sarita B
Sarita B

Our daughter Eliana has been attending classes with Bollywood Groove and Miss Ajanta for a couple of years and she loves it! It is a wonderful blend of fun, dancing, and learning about India.


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