BollyGroove Kids! B’Day

Jun - 29 - 2012

Make your kids B’day something to remember by making it a BollyGroove Kids! B’day Bash

Get ready to shake, twist and hop to the rhythmic beats of Bollywood music! In BollyGroove Kids Birthday Bash, children will actively engage in various forms of movement through the exploration of another culture.

This party is wonderful for kids who have a lot of energy or a passion for dance! It is also an excellent multicultural learning opportunity for the children, as they will be exposed to the languages of Hindi and Punjabi, traditional Indian clothing, instruments and other props.

This party is ideal for multi-age groups.

Primary package: BollyGroove Dance

45 mins of dance session that provides an incredibly fun and interactive experience for the kids at a location of your choice.

Additional service: BollyGroove Dance Props

We also provide fun props such as bells, scarves, spots, chunnis and sashes (availability dependent on the party size)

Additional service: BollyGroove Dance Costumes

We provide Bollywood dance costumes for your party bringing in the complete Bollywood experience! (availability dependent on the party size)

Please Contact Us for pricing information.