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Picture credit: Lou Conte Dance & Todd Rosenberg

Whether you secretly dance to Jai Ho or never heard of Bollywood before, this class will provide an hour of endless fun while getting a great workout!

What is BollyGroove Cardio?

A combination of joyous Bollywood music and extremely fun dance/cardio moves.

What are the benefits?

* Burns up to 700 calories in a class

* Keeps you Active and in great Shape

* De-stresses you like nothing else! (You will have trouble wiping off that grin)

* Teaches you Fun and Theme-appropriate dance moves to latest and timeless Bollywood hits!

Is the class high-impact?

While some people teach gentle, low-impact moves, at bG we believe in giving people the maximum bang for their buck! The moves are energetic and dynamic, involving every muscle group in your body. We have people in their early 20s to upper 60s in our classes. The class is taught in high-low format, making it possible for individuals to modify the moves according to their needs.

How much prior experience do I need?

Absolutely none needed! Our biggest joy is to watch the incredible mix of people taking our classes – from the serious dancer to the one who believed most of their lives that they can not dance.

Do I need to memorize dance routines?

Bollywood CardioNope! BollyGroove Cardio is for dancers, non-dancers, exercise-buffs and those who like us, dread the treadmill :) There is no pressure of having to learn and perfectly memorize a sequence of choreographed dance. Dance along with the instructor and have fun!

How is this different from other Dance/Cardio classes?

BollyGroove Cardio is very unique because the moves are meaningful. They are not just a random sequence of moves you can put to any song. Bollywood has incredible amount of variety in its music and dance genre. From semi-classical, folk, Indian Hiphop, jazz, middle-eastern to what we call “filmy”, each and every song has a distinct category. So the challenge for a choreographer is to enact the lyrics to some extent and understand which moves to pair with each song. We hear this all the time from our clients that they love our choreography! The moves gel very well with the lyrics or the overall theme of the song and the people in the class feel that energy as well.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothes that you can stretch in. Jeans and short-skirts don’t work well :) Dance shoes or sneakers work fine. You can also buy our cool bG tee to add a flair to your workout!

BollyGroove Cardio Flash Mob – Chicago 2012

What our members say

 Meghan B
Meghan B

I am hooked. Seriously one of the best workouts ever; the hour flies by and I'm a sweaty mess within the first five minutes. The instructors are incredible; they truly pump up the room. I'd recommend this class to anyone, whether or not you have any dancing experience. Trust me, it's the most fun you'll ever have working out.

 Sarita B
Sarita B

Our daughter Eliana has been attending classes with Bollywood Groove and Miss Ajanta for a couple of years and she loves it! It is a wonderful blend of fun, dancing, and learning about India.


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