Bollywood Groove™ Kids!

Winter-Spring 2018 Annual Recital Enrollment is Now Open!

Annual Show on June 10 and Rehearsal on June 3 (Times TBD).




Free trials for new students can be scheduled on the 1st day of the session. No guaranteed spots. Please contact us at with questions.


About Bollywood Groove™ Kids!

Dance, Culture & an Active lifestyle!

Our Bollywood Groove Kids program uses dance and movement as an interactive vehicle to teach the language, literature, culture and history of various regions of India via the characteristic dance of that region.
Each age group focuses on age-appropriate goals in a globalized educational environment where they learn about a rich culture while simultaneously growing into strong dancers with coordination, posture, grace and other movement fundamentals.
Each session, the students learn:
Dance Routine: A 3-4 minute Indian dance choreography using popular Bollywood tunes with folk or regional music influence
Culture ZOOM: Engaging content highlighting a specific aspect of Indian culture. This is a unique element of our program and we are very proud to be the only dance academy that offers it.



Curriculum Goals


bG Kinder - Ages 3 to 5 years
* Basic Hindi words
* Indian folk tales
* Concept of synchronized movement, basic coordination and dance form
* Stage confidence, playful learning

bG Kids - Ages 6 to 10 years
* Basic Hindi phrases
* Indian musical concepts
* Basic Indian dance styling and technique
* Stage confidence, playful learning

bG Tweens/Teens - Ages 11 to 15 years
* Basic leadership skills via classroom activities
* Strong understanding of cultural nuances
* Advanced Indian dance styling and technique


What our members say

 Meghan B
Meghan B

I am hooked. Seriously one of the best workouts ever; the hour flies by and I'm a sweaty mess within the first five minutes. The instructors are incredible; they truly pump up the room. I'd recommend this class to anyone, whether or not you have any dancing experience. Trust me, it's the most fun you'll ever have working out.

 Sarita B
Sarita B

Our daughter Eliana has been attending classes with Bollywood Groove and Miss Ajanta for a couple of years and she loves it! It is a wonderful blend of fun, dancing, and learning about India.


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